7 Easy Steps To Use Ciencia Products:

STEP 1   Prepare The Skin Or Cleanse and Exfoliate

STEP 2  Boost the skin

STEP 3  Treating the skin

STEP 4  Corrective treatments

STEP 5  Anti Ageing treatment

STEP 6 Hydrate boost and firm

STEP 7  Prime and Protect

Prepare The Skin

Cleanse8 Gel: Contains Aloe Vera and safe to use around the eyes. Cleanse morning and night.

Preparation8 Serum: Leave on  exfoliator, contains no harsh beads. Apply morning and night.(Safe to use around the eyes.)

Boost The Skin

Energise8 Serum: Apply morning only. Energise the skin cells. (Wake up serum.)

Treat The Skin

Mattify8 Serum: Reduces pore size, blemishes, blackheads, Oily T zones and congestion. Apply morning and night.

Corrective Treatments

LipCorrect8 Serum: Boosts Lip Volume. Reduces Lipstick bleed lines. Nasolabial folds. Increases immediate hydration. Apply morning and night.

EyeCorrect8 Serum: Reduces Eye bags, dark circles, crows feet, and lifts eyelids. Apply morning and night.

Vitamin8 Moisturiser: (Spot Treatment.) Reduces pore size, blemishes, Pigmentation, Age spots, Pregnancy masks and boosts Collagen. 30% Stable Vitamin C. Apply morning and night.

Eventones8 Moisturiser: All over skin brightening, highlighting, pigmentation, boosts Collagen.

Anti-Aging Treatments

Wrinkle reduction, Volume lifting and firming.

Exeler8 Serum: Reduces expression wrinkles by up to 52% in 5 days. Acts like a filler by filling in the lines. Younger looking skin by 5 years in 5 days. Apply morning and night.

Arestaline8 Moisturiser: A powerful anti-wrinkle moisturiser. Up to 77% wrinkle reduction in 28 days.

Mature8 Moisturiser: Reduces hormonal breakouts, redness, increases facial volume in the cheeks and Nasolabial folds by 11.9% in 14 days.

Dejar Masque8 Serum: Leave on lifting, firming, hydrating mask. Rejuvenates the age of the skins appearance by almost 9 years. Apply morning and night.

Hydrate, Boost And Firm

Collagen8 Serum: 360 degrees hydration, boosts Collagen type 1, by 128% in 15 days. Collagen type3, by 300% and Collagen type 4, by 84% in 15 days. Apply morning and night.

Neckcorrect8 Moisturiser: Shape wear for your neck. Jowels, double chins, lifting and firming. Apply morning and night.

Prime And Protect

Bluelimin8 Serum: Prepares, protects and repairs the damage caused by artificial blue light, wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation.

Reflect8 Serum: Priming veil, SPF15.

Luxuri8 Moisturiser: Moisturising tinted BB Balm. Boosts Collagen, reduces pore size and blemishes. Better than foundation. Full coverage available in fair light, to medium dark. Can be mixed to match your skin tones and is suitable for sensitive skin.

            •          Apply Morning only

Ciencia Products Are :

Australian made

Vegan friendly

Suitable for sensitive skin

Fragrance free