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Radiance Enhancing Trio


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Ciencia Radiance Enhancing Trio

Ciencia8 Collagen8 Generation 5
From the moment you apply Collagen8 the peptides and ingredients start to counteract the appearance of visible and invisible signs of ageing. Within minutes your skin will look and feel more dewy, taut, & youthful.

Ciencia8 Mature8 Generation 3 50ml.
Mature8 is comprised of targeted active ingredients that have been shown to restructure, tighten, and hydrate to restore youthful skin. Powerful active ingredients have been combined in a silky, white, non-greasy and fragrance-free base that is easy to apply with ample coverage. Quickly absorbed into your skin, the Mature8 bottle is airless and delivers a carefully metered dose each time.

Ciencia8 Vitamin8 Generation 2 15ml.
Vitamin8 by Ciencia is a high-potency Vitamin C serum that works to encourage a youthful skin with brighter and even skin tones. Vitamin8 contains a 30% concentration of stabilised Vitamin C. This patented breakthrough ingredient sets a new benchmark in the ability to deliver concentrated Vitamin C to the layers of the skin where it is needed the most. In particular, Vitamin8 is formulated to work on areas of the face that are prone to develop wrinkles, age spots or sagging skin. Vitamin C is vital for maintaining the skins youthful appearance. As we age, free radicals break down the bodys vitamin C supplies and healthy collagen production consequently declines. The visible result is loose, thin and wrinkled skin. Vitamin8 helps you fight the battle against premature ageing by delivering a stable and concentrated source of Vitamin C.

Care Instructions:
Ciencia8 Collagen8 Generation 5
Place Collagen8 onto fingertips and massage gently all over the face and around eyes. Use AM and PM. Patch test on a small area of skin before use.

Ciencia8 Mature8 Generation 3
Push the white disc for measured amount of Mature8. Place Mature8 onto fingertips and gently massage all over the face and around the yes. Use morning and night. Patch test on a small area of skin before use. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

Ciencia8 Vitamin8 Generation 2
Twist nozzle to unlock the pump. Place ½ pump of Eyecorrect8 onto finger tips and apply under eyes and eyelids until fully absorbed. Use morning and night. Patch test on a small area of skin before use. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

Country of Origin: AUSTRALIA

Technical Specifications:
What is included:

* 1 x Ciencia8 Collagen8 Generation 5 30ml

* 1 x Ciencia8 Mature8 Generation 3 50ml

* 1 x Ciencia8 Vitamin8 Generation 2 15ml

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