Meet Amanda

With over 35 year’s experience as a dermal clinician, Amanda Quigley is a highly respected and industry-renowned expert in anti-aging skincare.
Her extensive knowledge and expertise make her a true skin guru, and her dedication to helping her clients achieve the best possible results is unparalleled.

With a dream to create effective topical skincare alternatives to injectables and invasive cosmetic procedures, Amanda begin a worldwide search for the most powerful anti-ageing skincare ingredients available. In 2008, after four years in development with leading skincare laboratory Lioptec™, Amanda launched Ciencia Skincare on TVSN, and the response was nothing short of incredible – all of the products sold out within the hour.

Since then, Amanda has continued to work closely with Lioptec™ to stay at the forefront of ground-breaking skincare solutions, constantly striving to deliver the absolute best. With Amanda’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, you can trust that you’re doing the most for you skin when you choose Ciencia.

Welcome to Ciencia, I am absolutely thrilled to go on this journey of skin transformation with you.

In my many years as a dermal clinician, I found that many of my clients were unable to undergo invasive treatments or injectables due to a variety of reasons, such as sensitive skin, medication, hormonal issues, or financial and time constraints. This prompted me to search for a range of topical skincare products that would provide the same anti-ageing results.

I soon realised that I would have to create products of this standard myself. My search for the absolute best ingredients took me across the world to Lioptec™ laboratories in Spain. After working closely with the founder, I learnt about advance delivery systems and scientifically backed peptides, and was blown away by their proven restorative properties.

After my return to Australia in 2004, I dedicated myself to developing a skincare product line that would address anti-aging with the specific challenges of the harsh Australian environment in mind. Drawing on Lioptec's™ groundbreaking discoveries, I created Ciencia, which quickly established itself as a leading brand in anti-aging topical skincare.

Our name, Ciencia, is Spanish for science, a tribute to my life-changing time in Spain and reflecting our commitment to using the latest scientific knowledge and technologies to create skincare products that are truly effective. At Ciencia, we believe that the key to beautiful, healthy skin is not just about looking good on the surface, but also about nourishing and protecting it at the cellular level.

We are excited to share our journey with you and help you achieve beautiful, healthy skin.

Thank you for choosing Ciencia.

With love, Amanda