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Do You Need Anti-Aging Products in Your 20s and 30s?

Anti Wrinkle creams are often targeted at people over 40 but now there are more and more brands designing anti-aging solutions to cater to those of you twenties and thirties. In this age bracket your skin enters a pre-aging stage. Depending on your lifestyle and other factors, you might start to notice fine lines around your eyes and mouth or dark spots and freckles from sun damage. However, this isn’t all bad news, as long as you’re using the right products.

If you want to fight wrinkles, you should commit to a daily natural routine, your best bet is to look for a product from companies that frequently use actives designed to combat this process, with organic, natural, and botanical ingredients such as Ciencia.

In the evening use Arestaline:

If there’s one amazing ingredient that could be called the fountain of youth, it’s this one. SNAP-8 increases cell rejuvenation and helps promote collagen. It also decreases pore size, and limits sun damage. In addition, because SNAP-8 helps diminish fine lines-and the added lipomoist, moisturizes the skin effectively. SNAP-8 helps to relax facial muscles to give you a natural anti wrinkle look.

When you wake use antioxidants:

Here you want to seek products that contain active ingredients with preventative qualities such as peptides, plant stem cells and those that are rich in anti-oxidants. Many of Ciencia’s products have specially designed actives rich in antioxidants. Air pollution, especially in cities, and UV rays everywhere are sources of free radicals which are molecules that can damage cells and cause aging, so protect your skin with a layer of antioxidants before you go outside.

Apply sunscreen under your makeup

This is very important says Amanda, ‘Always apply a sunscreen before you apply makeup to give your skin the best chance to stay youthful’. There is no need to suffocate your skin with multiple products, instead try a good moisturizer that doubles as a sunscreen. Also, don’t stop at just applying on your face, the thinner skin on your décolletage, neck and hands also should be protected.

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