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Ciencia Skincare

Preparation8 50ml

Preparation8 50ml

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Preparation8: The Daily No-Rinse Skin Smoother

Introducing Preparation8, your skin's new best friend for gentle exfoliation without the harshness. This innovative formula is a powerhouse of hydration, featuring the remarkable Lipomoist™ 2036 molecular film  and Peelmoist™ molecular film technologies. Peelmoist™ molecular film, with its natural papain enzymes derived from the luscious papaya, offers a distinctive exfoliating experience that not only refines the skin's surface but also enhances moisture retention significantly. The advanced Lipomoist™ 2036 molecular film complex ensures your skin enjoys prolonged hydration, surpassing the effects of hyaluronic acid for over 12 hours.

Key Benefits

  • Protects delicate capillaries
  • Preserves skin's natural thickness
  • Keeps pores refined and tight
  • Ideal for acne-prone skin
  • A straightforward and efficient regimen

Skin-First Advantages

Preparation8 is not just an exfoliant; it's a commitment to your skin's integrity and health. It's meticulously formulated to ensure there's no risk of capillary damage, no concern of skin thinning, and no fear of enlarged pores. It's a gentle yet potent system that's even safe for blemish-prone skin, maintaining and enhancing your skin's hydration levels post-exfoliation.

The Peelmoist™ molecular film and Lipomoist™ molecular film Edge

At the heart of Preparation8 lies Peelmoist™ molecular film, with its natural enzymatic exfoliation technology, and Lipomoist™ 2036 molecular film, our exclusive hydration delivery system. Together, they form a duo that not only sloughs away the old but also embraces and enhances the new, ensuring your skin remains hydrated, protected, and radiant.

Your Daily Skincare Ally

Embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of Preparation8. It's more than a skincare product; it's a daily ritual that respects the natural balance of your skin while delivering transformative results. With Preparation8, step into a world where daily exfoliation meets long-lasting hydration, all in one elegant solution.

    You may notice some of our products have different generations. This means that the product has been reformulated with new peptides and ingredients giving our formulas and our products a edge over other skincare and keeping them at the forefront of skincare technology.

    Key Ingredients

    PeelMoist™ molecular film – This molecular film is designed to achieve optimal release of papain to facilitate the removal of corneocytes and promote the renewal of the stratum corneum. The ions and amino acids act to rehydrate the skin and maintain proper barrier function. A well-exfoliated skin has a smooth and bright appearance and is soft to the touch. When hydrated perfectly, it is healthier and more radiant.

    Lipomoist™ 2036 molecular film PCEB – Our exclusive and unique formulation which delivers more potent hydration than Hyaluronic Acid. It has a high moisturising profile and has a significant firmness effect on the skin.

    Directions of Use

    Remove cap. Apply one to two pumps to fingertips and apply to face and neck and leave on. Use morning and night. Patch test on a small area of the skin before use. If skin irritation occurs discontinue use.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews

    Haven’t tried it yet however I use many of the Cienica products and have never been disappointed.

    Ornella Metti
    Love Cienca8

    Thank you Amanda for all your beautiful products which I have been using since about 2013. Have tried bits and pieces from other brands but would stop using because they irritated my sensitive skin. Do not have this problem with Ciencia. My daily regime starts with your Cleanse8 followed by Preparation8, Colagen8, Eyecorrect ,Lipcorrect, Neckcorrect and my absolute favourite MATURE8. Am currently trying Retin8. LOVE LOVE them all. Thank you again Amanda.

    game changer

    I have written another long review about the neck correct product from the Ciencia 8 range - refer my neck correct review. This review is shorter because I feel the same about all of the Ciencia 8 products but I believe the success to all of the products achieving their maximum results is by using the preparation 8. I was unable to use traditional exfoliants because of how coarse they are and I suffered severe dermatitis when I used them. However the best results for skincare are achieved by using an exfoliant. When I used preparation 8 I started achieving the great results with no impact to my sensitive skin.

    Nancy Biagioni

    Beautiful product, it prepares my skin for my serum and moisturiser. Leaves my skin feeling refreshed and ready.

    Pam O’Donnell

    Highly recommend.. Great way to exfoliate.

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