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Mattifi8 50ml

Mattifi8 50ml

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Mattifi8: The Ultimate Solution for a Harmonized, Matte Complexion

Discover the secret to a flawless complexion with Mattifi8, infused with the innovative Matmarine™ biotech ingredient and Bodyfensine™ peptide duo.

Experience the transformation with Matmarine™ biotech ingredient, which delivers a significant mattifying effect by diminishing 28.3.1 lipid accumulation by 35%, leading to a noticeable reduction in shine and pore visibility.

Bodyfensine™ peptide empowers your skin's inherent protective barriers, making it an ideal ally for those with sensitive or imperfection-prone complexions.

Oily and blemished skin isn't just a teenage dilemma - it's an adult one too, often exacerbated by:

  • Hormonal fluctuations.
  • Variations in pore size.
  • Diminished collagen and eastin levels

Thanks to the advanced Lipomoist™ 2013 molecular film formulation, enjoy hydration that surpasses traditional hyaluronic acid, lasting a full 12 hours.

Key Benefits:

  • Actively diminishes sebum buildup
  • Visibly minimises pore size for a smoother look
  • Aids in achieving a consistently matte finish
  • Strengthens skin's innate defences against impurities, lessening blemishes and maintaining skin equilibrium
  • Delivers profound hydration that outperforms Hyaluronic Acid
  • Free from added fragrances, ensuring a pure and natural experience

    You may notice some of our products have different generations. This means that the product has been reformulated with new peptides and ingredients giving our formulas and our products a edge over other skincare and keeping them at the forefront of skincare technology.

    Key Ingredients

    Matmarine™ biotech ingredient G – A biotechnological active ingredient directed at reducing sebum accumulation and, therefore, imperfections characteristic of combination and/or oily skin, like the appearance of pores. It also offers immediate and long-lasting mattifying and hydration effects.

    Bodyfensine™ peptide solution – This tripeptide reinforces the skin’s natural immune system to eliminate pathogens, thereby reducing the appearance of skin imperfections and preserving the balance of healthy skin.

    Lipomoist™ 2013 molecular film CPE – Our exclusive and unique formulation which delivers more potent hydration than Hyaluronic Acid. It has a high moisturising profile and has a significant firmness effect on the skin.

    Directions of Use

    Remove lid. Apply one pump to the face, avoiding eye area. Can be used as a spot treatment for oily areas of the skin. Use morning and night. Patch test on a small area of the skin before use. If skin irritation occurs discontinue use.

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