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NEW Reflect8 2nd Generation 50ml

NEW Reflect8 2nd Generation 50ml

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Introducing Reflect8 2nd Generation: The Ultimate Protection and Repair Solution for Your Skin 

Reflect8 2nd Generation is the epitome of skincare innovation, seamlessly blending the prowess of Bluelimin8 with the pioneering essence of Reflect8 to form a singular, unmatched skincare solution. As we delve deeper into the digital age, our skin faces unprecedented challenges from both solar and artificial blue light. This next-generation serum and priming veil duo is meticulously designed to shield, repair, and enhance your skin, offering a comprehensive defence system against the multifaceted threats of digital and solar aging. 

Key Advantages: 

  • Dual-Action Formula: Reflect8 2nd Generation combines the hydrating priming veil capabilities of Reflect8 with the intensive protection and repair mechanisms of Bluelimin8, offering a dual-action approach to skincare. This formula not only prepares the skin each morning but also provides ongoing protection and repair against blue light and solar damage throughout the day. 
  • Broad Spectrum Shield: Our enhanced formula delivers unparalleled protection against a wide spectrum of harmful radiations, including solar, visible, infrared, and artificial blue light rays, ensuring your skin remains unblemished and vibrant. 
  • Spot Diminishing and Prevention: Leveraging the potency of Lumicease™ Blue Ingredient and our advanced priming technology, Reflect8 2nd Generation excels in reducing existing brown spots and preventing new ones, promoting an even and radiant complexion. 
  • Enhanced Skin Resilience: By stimulating opsins on the skin, our product bolsters the skin's natural defences, enabling it to adapt and respond more effectively to future exposures to harmful light. 
  • Superior Hydration and Priming: Infused with our exclusive Lipomoist™ 2036 molecular film, this lightweight serum surpasses traditional hydrating agents, offering deep moisture while also setting the stage for flawless makeup application, and is fragrance-free. 

Powered by Advanced Biotechnology:  

Reflect8 2nd Generation is a testament to the power of biotechnology, drawing inspiration from radiation-resistant microorganisms. This sophisticated blend prepares, protects, and repairs your skin, tackling the dual threats posed by our digital and solar environments. 

Targeting Digital and Solar Aging: 

This innovative solution not only addresses but also reverses the signs of digital and solar aging. Regular application visibly reduces spots, wrinkles, skin roughness, sagging, and pigmentation, ensuring your skin remains youthful and resilient against both visible and unseen damages. 

Potent Active Ingredients: 

  • 100% Active Solution: Our commitment to your skin's health and vitality is reflected in our 100% active solution, ensuring every ingredient actively contributes to your skin's protection and rejuvenation. 
  • Lumicease™ Blue Ingredient: A cornerstone of our formula, clinically proven to significantly reduce brown spots and wrinkles, enhancing your skin's texture and appearance within just 56 days. 
Reflect8 2nd Generation is not just a skincare product; it's a comprehensive skincare regimen that shields, repairs, and enhances your skin, empowering you to face the digital world with confidence and grace. Embrace this advanced protection and repair system and witness the transformation in your skin's health and vitality. 
You may notice some of our products have different generations. This means that the product has been reformulated with new peptides and ingredients giving our formulas and our products a edge over other skincare and keeping them at the forefront of skincare technology.

Key Ingredients

Lumicease™ blue ingredient – Obtained through biotechnology from one of the most radiation-resistant microorganisms, it prepares the skin to fight solar, visible, and infrared radiation. Can also reduce visible and non-visible brown spots. Activates opsins on the skin and promotes adaptive responses, helping prepare the skin for future exposure. Protective effect against the appearance of future brown.

Lipomoist™ 2036 molecular film – Our exclusive and unique formulation which delivers more potent hydration than Hyaluronic Acid. It has a high moisturising profile and has a significant firmness effect on the skin.

Directions of Use

Apply a small amount to the face, neck, décolletage and the back of the hands. Use once daily in the morning. Patch test on a small area of the skin before use. If skin irritation occurs discontinue use.

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